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About Us

Shanxi hundred topology industry &trade co., LTD., taiyuan topology trade co., LTD is a industrial and mining products production, sales and technical services in one of the enterprises, there are engineers, technical personnel and other professionals 150 people, the main products are various types of industrial rubber products, cold hot vulcanization bonding agent, rubber adhesive, coal mine explosion-proof vulcanizer type tape, rubber sheet, cushion, seal apron, sweeper, cable insulation repair materials, layered belt and rope belt strip head machine, etc.; Main technical services include: roller cold plastic bags, seamless connection, conveyor belt conveyor belt joint rapid cold patching and so on. Products and technical services is mainly suitable for coal mines, cement plants, power plants, steel, port and related industries for use in a belt conveyor, vibrating conveyor, bunker, repository and hydraulic whirl, etc.


Since the company was founded in March 2004, achieve the quality management system certification and the product of a single certificate and test report, with leading technology and excellent technical services has won the praise of customers. Founder of the company since 1999 in mining conveyor belt supporting facilities maintenance services and technology innovation, at that time, in the domestic first, advocated by roller field cold plastic bags in the advanced product technology and process instead of the traditional hot glue injection, for the customer to avoid the time due to remove the drum, financial and material resources, human waste, greatly improving the work efficiency. The products of the company is registered "China" brand series of products, leading technology, quality and reliable products of this series, part of the product is domestic exclusive, such as metal surface treatment agent (metal, plastic), with CN layer of coal mine belt conveyor roller with a rubber coated layer (February 2007 mining products safety sign certificates), rubber bonding agent, etc., which can realize the surface of the rubber and metal bonding; One cold vulcanizing bonding agent is mainly used in rubber products, rubber and rubber, rubber and metal bonding and fabric, especially for the repair of conveyor belt and joint cold adhesive, plastic and rubber roller cold pack cover, metal abrasion, corrosion, excellent performance, far ahead of similar products in the domestic technology, but also dares to compete with imported products.


My company has a strong technical service, with rich practical experience and "take the customer as the center" the service idea, has won the praise of customers. Products sold by our company and related technical services all over the country each big coal mine, main coal mine, MeiJiChang shenhua group co., LTD., east mine mine of god and the tower, LuAn mining (group) co., LTD., datong coal mine, xishan coal corporation (group) co., LTD., jincheng anthracite coal mining (group) co., LTD., FenXi mining (group) co., LTD., huo zhou coal (group) co., LTD., yangquan coal (group) co., LTD., shanxi coal mine machinery manufacturing co., LTD., taiyuan iron and steel (group) co., LTD., shanxi coking coal group co., LTD and China coal zhangjiakou coal mine machinery manufacturing co., LTD., northwest ningxia coal mine machinery manufacturing co., LTD., fuxin zaozhuang mining (group) co., LTD., (mining) group co., LTD., yankuang group co., LTD., zhengzhou coal industry (group) co., LTD., pingdingshan coal (group) co., LTD., fengfeng (group) co., LTD., etc., provinces, cities and autonomous regions have involved in shanxi, shaanxi, shandong, henan, hebei, hubei, hunan, jiangsu, guangdong, sichuan, Inner Mongolia, ningxia, gansu, liaoning and other places of mining area and the local coal mine, the perennial all our company products and technical services.



Our company regard quality as life, reputation and development; "Fear of return customers, employees and society" as the company's mission; To "focus on achievement in the future, the good faith to create wealth, responsibility than ability, Thanksgiving harvest life" as the company's core values; And with "committed to improve the economic benefits of the customers" for the purpose of the service, our company looking forward to cooperate with friends from all walks of life hand in hand, common to
"become the best conveyor maintenance expert" vision and efforts!



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