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Shanxi Betop Industry and Trade Co.,LTD.

Main: metal materials, valves, general machinery equipment and accessories, chemical raw materials, hardware, rubber products, steel, building materials, working condition of equipment and accessories, clothing, shoes and hats, office supplies, sporting goods, computer hardware and software and consumables sales; Rubber, oil technology research, development, consulting, transfer; Xiangsu products production, processing; The installation of industrial and mining machinery and equipment, conveyor belt; Auto parts wholesale sales; Mine explosion-proof rubber-tyred vehicle, mining machinery and equipment sales; Scrap metal recycling; Import and export trade.


Beijing World Culture Development Co., LTD

Main: organizational culture and art exchange activities (not including performance); Enterprise planning; Enterprise management consulting; To undertake exhibition display; Technical extension service; Design, production, agents, advertising; Computer animation design; Sales of building materials, arts and crafts, computer, software and auxiliary equipment, electronic products.


Jiangsu Xin Shan Energy Development Co., LTD

Main business: coal, coke, steel, wood, iron essence pink, building materials, chemical products, wujinjiaodian, lubricating oil, daily necessities, personal occupational safety protection articles, crafts, clothing shoes and hats, fresh edible agricultural products sales; Mining machinery equipment sales and maintenance; Enterprise management consulting services. 


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