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Pulley Lagging

Pulley Lagging

Ceramic lagging sheet

Ceramic lagging sheet

Time:2013-03-27 15:59:03

The product is made of high wear-resistant rubber adhesive layer embedded special ceramic block made with long wear, especially for muddy, wet, high wear and other extreme working conditions, the friction coefficient is ordinary rubber board 4--6 times.
Each ceramic encapsulated independent panel made up of hundreds of ceramic block inlay cast in high wear-resistant rubber sheet, and the characteristics of the ceramic block with raised, under normal pressure belt, hundreds of unique casting of bumps to ensure positive traction to prevent slipping, effectively reduce the tension of the belt, reducing the damage to the belt, extending the service life of the roller conveyor.
Water conductivity ceramic block itself has excellent volume, separated from the trench design, enabling the roller adhered material (dust, mud, etc.) is discharged along the trench, the drum has its own cleaning function.

1.combined with ceramic and rubber plate, greatly increasing the wear resistance of the rubber, can reach 8-10 times higher wear rubber plate life
2.ceramic block rubber sheet surface so that water conductivity has excellent volume, especially for muddy, wet working environment, excellent slip resistance;
3.can effectively reduce the belt tension, reduce damage to the belt, the belt deviation problem will help to improve and reduce the failure rate of the delivery system;
4.because the rubber sheet with a special bonding layer, may be roller-site bonding,can reduce cost.

Product name                   Thickness(mm)  Width(mm) Length(mm) 
Ceramic lagging sheet            15       500        1200
Ceramic lagging sheet            15       500        1450
Ceramic lagging sheet            15       500        1650
Ceramic lagging sheet             15       500        1850
Ceramic lagging sheet            15       500        2100



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