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Jinzhong City Leaders Visit Shanxi Huao Industry and Trade Group Co.,LTD

Date:2015-09-17 17:54:13  Hits:953  Belong to:News

       "Small invention, innovation, little modification, design, tips," these looks and humble little improvement, it may produce a great benefits in the production activities, and arouse the enthusiasm of the enterprise and worker to participate in the innovation, and innovation potential, improve the innovation ability.
On July 17, the municipal federation of trade unions leaders and the panel line to supervise and check the execution of "five small" competition in qixian. A proud in the China federation of trade unions, accompanied by to visit shanxi qixian industry &trade group co., LTD. "five small" to carry out the situation. Leader said, "five small" activities are small, but had a significant impact on contribution not small, well,, condensed the worker team, reduce the enterprise cost, improve the work efficiency, improve the production environment, produced good economic and social benefits.

                                   The picture shows the company project of the trade union chairman and project leader 
        Lead a line, the performance of the company said that both at the same time also to the company's diamond rubber sheet renovation project put forward the problems and improvements.



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