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Steelcord Belt Cut Machine

Steelcord Belt Cut Machine

Time:2015-09-21 10:47:06

TP-3K/6K Steelcord belt cut machine is based on the structural characteristics of our steel cord conveyor belt, with reference to the large number of foreign advanced technology, after repeated tests, design and production of China's first patented TP series of wire rope core special manual cutting machines. Use of This TP series dedicated steel cord conveyor belt, the belt can make the maintenance workload greatly reduced cut, and cut smooth, no grinding, heat-cured rubber can be directly connected to work, the entire joint looks neat and beautiful.


TP series of steelcord cutting machines without motor, light weight, no need power can be quickly cut the belt, and smokeless tasteless no spark, fully applicable to the ground and coal mine conveyor belt cut.

There are two kinds, one is TP-3K, the other one is TP-6K.
TP-3K mainly for diameter of steelcord under 7.5mm, the belt thickness is max 22mm.  The weight is 32kg.
TP-6K mainly for diameter of steelcord between 7.5mm-13.2mm, the belt thickness is max 35mm. The weight is 47kg.
Main components:
Special gear, special cutting blade up and down, bracket seat.


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