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Nuclear experts joint initiative actively promote nuclear power construction

Date:2015-09-29 10:47:16  Hits:843  Belong to:Focus

       Chinese Nuclear Society, held in Mianyang, Sichuan Province in 2015 academic annual meeting, Chinese Nuclear Society, China Nuclear Society 24 professional clubs and the national 22 provincial Nuclear Society, signed and publicly released "on actively promoting China's nuclear power construction proposal . "
       Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Nuclear Society president 李冠兴 said, "After decades of development, China has been among the first phalanx of the world's nuclear power development. China will gradually from the nuclear powers to nuclear power history spans. So we must strengthen basic research, the implementation of innovation-driven strategy, proposal expressing the aspirations of the majority of nuclear science and technology workers and play. "
       According to "Energy Development Strategy Action Plan (2014- 2020)," published in 2014, by 2020, China is running the nuclear power installed capacity will reach 58 million kilowatts, 30 million kilowatts under construction.
       In this regard, the proposal put forward, we must adhere to the principle of actively promoting nuclear power construction, so that the proportion of China's nuclear power generating capacity as soon as possible and achieve more than 11% of the world average level.
       Meanwhile, in view of Chinese third generation nuclear power technology has advanced in the world, and insist on the implementation of the highest international safety standards, and taking into account the good operating performance of China's nuclear power, China Nuclear Society, said in a written proposal, nuclear power plant construction in China is safe, does not occur Similar Fukushima nuclear accident. In the inland construction of nuclear power plants, can ensure that no pollution of the Yangtze River and related.



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