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The first China-made test maglev line

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        Opened by the maglev train depot, passing out polylines arrival Maglev South Station, and then by the magnetic South Station exit, enter the specified hot slip test test positive lines. Test line segment divided from the structure contains the profiled beams, cast simply supported beam, prefabricated simply supported beam, continuous beam cast and subgrade, from linear zoning contains a straight segment, curve segments (small curve radius, large curve radius) It is one of the most representative range of the entire line. In the testing process, F Rail discharge line geometry in good condition, normal turnout pulled conversion, drives, locking device is operating normally, evacuation platform bounding normal, hot slip test the whole process safe and stable.
        Low-speed maglev transportation technology is to rely on the electromagnetic force will train suspension, the use of linear motor driven rail technology, operating speed of 100 to 120 kilometers. With low noise, good environmental performance (10 meters away from the line of not more than 64 db), strong adaptability line (positive line turning radius of 75 meters, gradeability 70 ‰), ride comfort, safe and reliable operation, construction, maintenance costs low, operational efficiency and good features. It applies to cities city transport links between the city and close to tourist attractions.
       Zhuzhou in low-speed maglev train test line
       Maglev project west Changsha Changsha high-speed rail to South Station, east Huanghua Airport, both overhead lines, total length of 18.5 km. The total project investment is estimated at 4.195 billion yuan. Changsha South Railway Station is located across the board early, Langli station and Huanghua Airport station. Project was officially started at the end of the first half of this year, is expected to achieve by the end of the opening, the first half of 2016 put into operation. Trains using three marshalling, vehicle maximum operating speed of 100 km / h. Changsha debut maglev train body blue and white, to meet international standards of fire safety, noise reduction, comfort and other aspects, no soot emissions runtime. In Zhuzhou company responsible person, referring to the case of the first train, the company's subsequent production plan has been adjusted, and the remaining 4 train assembly is about to enter the assembly process, the overall arrangement will guarantee delivery before the end of the original target of 12 5 trains.



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