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China company will build biomass power stations in the UK

Date:2015-10-22 10:11:39  Hits:656  Belong to:Focus

      Zhongfu (UK) Group, announced in London on the 20th, has signed a cooperation agreement with the British Osis Group, will invest 2 billion pounds (about 3.1 billion US dollars) to build "Osis ecological park" in the UK. The project includes two biomass power stations.
      Zhongfu (UK) Group, said, "Osis Ecological Park" project is composed of two ecological parks, which are located in Port Talbot Isle of Anglesey, North Wales and South Wales, and within each ecological park to build a 299-megawatt biomass power stations, and includes a hydroponics center and an aquaculture center. The latter two can be recycled heat generated by biomass power plants. Among them, the eco-park project Isle of Anglesey will be the first start, we plan to complete the project by 2018.
      Honorary President of the College of Life Sciences, University of Manchester, UK synthetic biology Dr. committee of governmental primary Clark said: "'Osis Ecological Park' project provided energy and raw materials management integration solutions, the whole concept of the project is very innovative , using a modular construction method and flexible supply chain solutions. "
      According to the rich (UK) Group, the project has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the UK's National Grid, and is expected to create more than 1000 jobs.



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