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Belt Repair

Belt Repair

Water-based clean solvent

Water-based clean solvent

Time:2013-03-27 15:59:03

    This product is an industrial-grade water-soluble degreaser, no burning, non-corrosive, non-chlorinated solvents, bleaches, Yamoniya and petroleum solvents. Can effectively remove grease, oil, soot, dust, concrete gray and so on. The product of the infiltration, excellent decontamination performance. The machine can effectively remove the yellow robe black robe painted surfaces, without affecting the paint finish. Is environmentally friendly water-based cleaning agent, through the EU SGS certification, compliance with EU RoHS environmental standards.
It can be used to clean parts, wipe yellow robe on black bubble machines, cleaning various mechanical surface oil and ground oil processing. This product is a clean carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, paint, tiles, shower, sink, building, cleaning, floor ideal product.

It can be used to scrub, spray wash, rinse, cleaning equipment surfaces yellow robe, black bubble, mechanical parts. Cleaning is particularly serious oil liquid 1: 3-5 ratio, general cleaning oil 1: 10-20, cleaning the ground floor by 1:25, 1:30 wash floors, clean office furniture by 1:60 ratio. Depending on the ratio of oil to select different cleaning.

Appearance               Colorless liquid            
Active component: % > 30
Chloride %: < 0.5
Water insolubles % : < 0.2
Aqueous solution PH (1%) : 7
Heavy (25 ℃) : 1.05



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