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Belt Cleaner

Belt Cleaner

V-plow belt cleaner

V-plow belt cleaner

Time:2016-01-11 09:23:54

    V-plow belt cleaner uses a specially designed suspension device in the installation, it is possible to adapt to change due to the belt tension or belt run lead fluctuates in the belt of the occasion. Moreover, it can automatically adjust the cleaning blade under wear for best cleaning results. The product is suitable belt speed does not exceed 900 fpm (4.6m / s) applications.


A: Easily replaceable blade design, providing 2 inches (50 mm) thickness wear.


B: Blade can be used in two materials:

1. Shore 80 degrees nitrile rubber rubber (NBR);
2. Shore 90 degrees urethane (PU) - better wear resistance.


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