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Our group worker use TP300 do conveyor belt repair at cold weather!

Date:2016-01-14 17:11:00  Hits:750  Belong to:News

    Mongolia border winter frost season, temperatures can often reach minus 40 degrees. In such extreme cold conditions, to carry out the belt repair work on the process, technology and product quality construction units have raised a great challenge.
    Recently, the staff of my company's defying the cold, deep in a mine, at minus 30 degrees, seven wind environment, the implementation of the TP300 belt repair test, and was a complete success! The move marks the company tackled the arctic weather belt repair industry problems.

    TP300 which is used for conveyor belt repair is Huao Group's high-tech products, which contain strong polar and chemically reactive groups such as isocyanate group (-NCO), carbamate Mission (-NHCOO-), etc., as well as a variety of active hydrogen-containing polar materials are stronger adhesion. TP300 conveyor rapid repair glue has a performance can be adjusted, the adhesive strength characteristics, has been widely used in various types of rubber conveyor belt, rubber wheel, rubber valves, cables, etc. repair and bonding. Cured product has excellent low temperature performance, flex resistance, and good aging resistance and oil resistance, solvent resistance, wear and corrosion resistance.

    TP300 conveyor belt repair glue is widely used in indoor and outdoor, Inoue downhole any rubber and conveyor belts and other rubber patches or areas. For example: Patch layered rubber belts, fiber tape, steel cord conveyor belt, belt joints, rubber sealing plastic drum kits, plastic surface off the belt and all other rubber products. It can be effectively applied to marine fenders, effective and expeditious repair of various rubber-like floating rubber tubes.



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