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Belt Repair

Belt Repair

FA compound A&B

FA compound A&B

Time:2013-03-27 15:59:03


Material is carton, specification is 2.8 * 18 * 6200 mm, 5 rolls/carton  net weight:2 kg + 0.2 kg

Function and application:

This product is made of a polymer material plus-function additive composition, used for cold vulcanize fill the gap of  rubber products and rubber products repair.


A and B compound, no solvents, quickly reach the intensity of work after repair, quickly and efficiently.

After repair, chemical composition and physical properties is stable, excellent wear resistance. Especially to rubber products repair.


1. It used to repair conveyor belt surface and various rubber wear.

2. Filled rubber gasket and pulley lagging connector or gap.

3. Suitable for rubber-mixture.

4. Using FA extruder gun(compound master) working.


Stored in ventilated, cool and dry place, according to the regulation of HG/T3075 storage,validity is one year. It still can be used when reinspected qualified after one year.

Spec    2.8*18*6200mm   
Appearance Flat and smooth surface, no particles, no scars, no bubbles, no lack of glue and crack
Compound A color Black
Compound B color Cream yellow
Extruded rope appearance After the extruder gun preheated, output rope sticky , and the surface roughness, no lack of glue, no lumps
Initial curing time 30min
Aging time 24hours
Peel strength ≧ 2N/mm
Apply scope  Natural rubber SBR butadiene rubber and other rubber products



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