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Repair Tools

FA Angle Grinder

FA Angle Grinder

Time:2013-03-27 15:59:03

This product is a single series motor powered handheld Angle grinder. Its safety performance in line with the GB3883.3 "the safety of the hand-held electric tools The second part: electric grinder, polishing machine, the disc sander and special requirements of regulations.


1. Usually the edge of the grinding wheel piece to keep on the position of the Angle of working face 150-300.
2. When using the new grinding wheel piece, please don't in the power cord side direction, otherwise it will cut off the machined part, due to the use of the edge of grinding wheel in the direction when it become in A and B in any direction.
3. Don't have to be places too much force on the tool. Proper pressure, formed by the tool itself weight will just increase the pressure will cause the damage of the wheel, causing personal danger.
4. To stop using when grinding wheel wear to 150 mm.

The tool of the inlet and outlet must be kept clean. Should be regular cleaning or clear congestion occurs at any time.
It is mainly used for grinding, high load suitable for the grinding disc and tungsten steel fibre grinding disc.


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